ERIC MOE: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Eric Moe's music has been variously described as "maximal minimalism", "Rachmaninoff in hell", and "music of winning exuberance". Moe's imaginative titles are little stories or images suggestive of parts of innumerable and widely scattered fictions. Many suggest a kind of poignant humor, or an inside joke that he and the listener share: Meanwhile Back at the Ranch is one such title, the cliched phrase from which Western movies use to keep the audience from being thrown by a zealous edit. In this album, five of Moe's works tap into a wide and deep current of sources and ideas, a microcosm of Moe's fascinations, with references to Goethe and Richard Wilbur.


LEE HYLA: My Life on the Plains

Lee Hyla is a composer of rare power and versatility whose work combines the complexity of atonal classical concert music with the energy of experimental jazz, rock and improvised music. His third Tzadik CD presents a collection of recent works large and small such as Polish Folk Songs, Field Guide, and My Life on the Plains which all feature the vivacious Firebird Ensemble!

"These intense chamber symphonies sometimes have a hard jazz swing to them, but the most abiding impression is that of lustrous, lyrical melancholy; the Firebird Ensemble performs them not only with expertise but with the sympathy of devoted colleagues." -Russell Platt, The New Yorker

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